Consumer Debt Defense

Debt collectors often resort to extreme measures to collect debts, including obtaining judgments against parties who are not responsible for the debts, attempting to collect debts after the statute of limitations has expired, obtaining default judgments without the consumer’s knowledge due to improper service of process, making harassing phone calls to a consumer’s home and place of employment, and contacting co-workers, family, neighbors and friends. These tactics are illegal and debt collectors know it. We have successfully litigated many cases on behalf of consumers whose rights were violated by debt-collection agencies, creditors, automobile dealerships, student loan companies, banks and other business organizations.

Debt collection defense consists of using both federal and state laws to defend debtors against unlawful collection practices or improperly filed suits. Several collectors threaten or harass a debtor in an attempt to strong-arm the debtor to pay a debt that may not even be valid. Consumer protection statutes were enacted to prohibit such behavior and can allow for the recovery of damages and/or attorney fees.

Other times a lawsuit is filed by a party who lacks standing (doesn’t have an interest in the case) or by a party that can’t prove they own the debt. Unfortunately, many consumers don’t recognize these technicalities let alone know how to raise them as a defense. Frequently collection actions can be beaten, either reducing the debt or eliminating it altogether, by raising these defenses. Hiring experienced attorneys to evaluate your claims can not only stop the annoying collection activities but can save you money as well.
We take the necessary steps to remove the negative consequences of identity theft by helping our clients through the process of making a police report, completing an affidavit of fraud, and contacting the appropriate companies. Our services include getting a court order declaring our client a victim of identity theft and taking legal action to remove fraudulent accounts from credit reports when creditors refuse to do so.

We also defend people being sued on a consumer debt. Many times debt buyers don’t sue the proper person or sue long after the law allows them to. If they have a good claim, we negotiate for our client to resolve the matter in an attempt to avoid a judgment and excessive attorney fees.

We bring claims against debt collectors and companies that break the laws meant to protect consumers by making illegal threats like wage garnishment, home foreclosure, and property seizure or making illegal contacts with neighbors, family members, and employers.