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“Thanks, to the BEST lawyers in town!” RH

“I want to thank you for all the work you did for my case. You have been very kind towards my son and myself and we are very grateful for your help. I will have no problem referring anyone I know who is in need of your assistance.” CB

“I have worked very hard all my life to sustain a good credit. I never missed a payment on any bill. I always made sure to make my payments before due dates. Untill two years ago. Due to the economy, I had to take a job in a different state. I tried very hard to to keep up with my bills. However, since I had to pay for rent in a different state and a mortgage in another, it became very difficult to be able to keep up. For almost a year, I borrowed money from realatives to make up the difference between what I was making and what my bills were. I contacted all the credit card companies and mortgage holder to have them help me to keep my home and my good credit that I had worked very hard for. Unfortunatly, non of them offered any help. After realizing that it was impossible for me to keep up, I decided to do some reserach and came across The Hashemi Law Firms website. I contacted several attorneys and in the end, he was the only one that I felt comfortable with. I made an appointment for a consultation. From day one, I felt at ease with him. He never tried to tell me what was right for me. Instead, he informed me of my options and allowd me to make a decission for myself. Bankruptcy was the last thing that I was thing about. However, it became clear that it waes my only option. At that point, I knew that I wanted Mr. Hashemi to reprsent me. He was always there for me from day one untill last day and after. I hope that no one has to resort to bankruptcy, but if you do, I believe that you will not get a better service and personal attention as you would with Mr. Hashemi.”

“It has always been my policy to bring to light and recognition anyone who has demonstrated superior performance. During our arbitration hearing you amazed my wife and I as we have never witnessed such an interest and passion. You demonstrated and communicated with great assurance and confidence that we were in the hands of someone who was capable and greatly concerned for us.” RB

“I was referred to Mr. Hashemi thru a common a acquaintance. I was sued by a law company/law office for about 100K. I am a common man and I am going thru umemployment phase rightnow. I was100% sure, I have to file BK. And I had talked to other lawyers and they told me, my case had no merit and its waste to time and I should just file BK. I made an effort to go see Mr. Hashemi, he assured I could fight this case. He is very knowlegable, makes you feel very comfortable and tells you all Law stuff in simple plain language. So I borrowed $$ from a friend and hired him and this also 2 weeks before my trial date, this where his magic comes in place, Mr. Hashemi gave it more then 100% effort and we went to trial and guess what, my case was DISMISSED!!! and I WON!! it was the greatest feeling!!! That’s why i say, Mr. Hashemi was God sent to me! A lawyer who is kind, understands ppl, knows his stuff to the T, and of his caliber and rare in today’s world. God bless him.”

“We hired Mr. Babak Hashemi to help us prepare for incorporation as well as tax consulting. He was very helpful in preparing the paperwork, giving good advice – which I confirmed from several friends and other lawyers as well- and he also was very flexible, willing to help and meet me at my convenience at short notice.”

“It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Hashemi. He displayed creativity, dedication and honesty in all of his efforts on the client’s behalf and I look forward to working with him on a new matter soon!”